Lecture: Amrita Biswas. Film: JALSAGHAR


Thursday, 7.12.2023, 8 pm

Amrita Biswas (Frankurt)
Restoring Ray: JALSAGHAR and the Geo-Cultural Politics of Saving Cinema

How do Ray’s films survive? Tracing a material history of Satyajit Ray’s Jalsaghar and the circuit of travel of the original camera negatives in particular allows us to underscore the geo-cultural power gradients of the film’s restoration. Rather tha focusing on technical aspects alone, Jalsaghars preservation history highlights the politics of film acquisition as well as the inequitable form of transnational collaboration that restoring the film entailed.

Amrita Biswas is a PhD candidate in the DFG-Research Training Group ‘Configurations of Film’ at Goethe Universität, Frankfurt.

Screening: JALSAGHAR (The Music Room), India 1958, 94 min.


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