Lecture: Vinzenz Hediger. Film: PATHER PANCHALI


Thursday, 26.10.2023, 8 pm

Vinzenz Hediger (Frankfurt)
Why Ray Matters: A Short Genealogy of PATHER PANCHALI’s Global Resonance

Satyajit Ray’s first film put not just its director, but Indian cinema on the world map. What made Pather Panchali resonate so strongly not just with Indian audiences, but with European and American critics and cinephiles? Embracing a model proposed not least by Ray himself in his thinking about art, this contribution offers a genealogy of Ray as a multi-faceted artist rooted in the complex modernity of late colonial Bengal.

Vinzenz Hediger is professor of cinema studies at Goethe Universität Frankfurt

Screening: PATHER PANCHALI (Song of the Little Road), India 1955, 120 min.