Lecture: Neepa Majumdar. Film: PARASH PATHAR


Thursday, 11.07.2024, 8 pm

Neepa Majumdar (Pittsburgh)
From Iron to Gold: Re-Evaluating the Translocal Appeal of PARASH PATHAR

Made with a light touch, Parash Pathar is a kind of thought experiment whose performative layers and references are worth reconsidering in the context of its dismissal by film scholars and aficionados as a comedy illegible to non-local viewers. Ray talked about having “great fun” making it, and I will offer readings of specific scenes to consider how delight rather than comedy is the key mood of the film.

Neepa Majumdar is Associate Professor of Film & Media Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

Screening: PARASH PATHAR (THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE) India 1958, 90 min.